BMC NOTES # 002 – Earphones & Headsets

There is no doubt that music lessens the boredom while trekking. Volume should be set in the level that will allow you to hear what is happening around you and one ear should be free from earphone/headset.

As a part of the group and as a climber, you should:

  1. Be able to hear any warning by other climbers.
  2. Be able to hear emergency calls.
  3. Be able to respond quickly to emergency situations.

During sleep time, you are free to use both ears for music at a desired volume level.


  • Having your ears free from loud music when sleeping will make you aware of imminent danger (e.g. wild animals threatening the camp, flash flood, landslides, fires, etc.)
  • When using speakers during sleep time, give consideration to other campers who wants to have a quiet sleep.
    • Always give consideration to other listeners about the type of music you are listening to (i.e. related to religion, sex, etc.)

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