BMC Notes

BMC Notes are additional guidelines and reminders designed for HAKAMS. We do not intend to alter any standard principles in mountaineering. These are additional guidelines defined for our members’ safety and promotion of our core values.

BMC Notes # 004 – Organizer: Authority in the Activity

There will be times in an activity wherein more than one person is trying to get in charge by changing activity details, making decisions, etc. Everyone should be aware that if it is not a matter of life and death situation, the Organizer’s decision...
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BMC Notes # 003 – When to cancel/postpone an outdoor activity

If there is a typhoon in the DESTINATION. When there is a typhoon signal in the nearby provinces of the DESTINATION. If there is a forecast that typhoon will pass by nearby provinces of the DESTINATION or in the DESTINATION itself Britain. DESTINATION...
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BMC NOTES # 002 – Earphones & Headsets

There is no doubt that music lessens the boredom while trekking. Volume should be set in the level that will allow you to hear what is happening around you and one ear should be free from earphone/headset. As a part of the group and as a climber, you...
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BMC Notes 001 Cigarette, Liquor and Prohibited Drugs

HAKAMS is strictly following no cigarette and liquor during official training activities. The use of prohibited drugs is prohibited at all times. Liquor: A common belief is that liquor warms you during cold temperatures. This belief is wrong because it...
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