BMC Notes 001 Cigarette, Liquor and Prohibited Drugs

HAKAMS is strictly following no cigarette and liquor during official training activities. The use of prohibited drugs is prohibited at all times.

Liquor: A common belief is that liquor warms you during cold temperatures. This belief is wrong because it destabilize the body temperature making you more prone to hypothermia. It lessens your body reflex which may cause you injury when trekking. Training period requires NO LIQUOR to ensure safety while you are undergoing training.

Cigarette: People depends on cigarette to relieve stress. Mountaineering itself is one way of relieving our stress from the city. Needless to say, there are so many negative effects it could bring to our health. Being a sports organization, we strongly discourage the group from smoking, thus training period strictly implements NO SMOKING (Members and Trainees).

Prohibited Drugs: Any identified prohibited drugs by the government is strictly prohibited within the organization. Anyone (Members, Trainees, Officers), are subject to termination when caught using any of the identified prohibited drugs during training activities.

What do I need to do?

1.       Inform the training focal (or any officer) when a trainee or member violated any of the three.
2.       Intervene on any of these activities.