The Himalayas Project

Congratulations to our members who were able to completeThe Himalayas Project! So proud of you guys! – Kaiz, Migs, Melo, Rowjie and Agot!

“For nearly seven years, we—Kasey, Rowjie, Agot, Miguel, Dwine, and Melo—have been scaling some of the highest and most challenging peaks in the Philippines. Together, we have summitted Mounts Apocheap aviva water totter, Dulang-Dulang, Kitanglad, Pulag, Kanlaon, Halcon, and a lot more. But our lust for adventure and love for nature don’t end there. Just like any other Filipino mountaineers, we also dream of experiencing the great mountain system of Asia that is the Himalayas. It is in this regard that the project substantiate.”
— TheHimalayasProject

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