Batch 10 BMC @ Montalban, Rizal

Batch 10 training officially started last July 2-3, 2011 during their BMC at Montalban Rizal. The batch is composed of 6 trainees coming from Laguna, Quezon City, Rizal, Pasig and Cavite. All of them were recruits by members.

The first hours started with an average level of energy until the wall among trainees were broken as they started participating during the discussions. The training was very light and is very ideal to newbies and curious minds. All topics were almost finished in the first day. Few subtopics were discussed in the 2nd day.

30% of the stay focused on principles and knowledge transfer. The exiting parts were the swimming, sharing of stories, dinner and lunch, short hike and caving, and the visit to the waterfalls.

The trainees were able to feel the warm welcome of the group which nourishes their desire to pursue with the training.

As a member, it was flattering to hear their comments and testimonies about the brotherhood and camaraderie they witnessed in the two-day-training.


  1. Hakams

    Welcome Trainees! You’ve made your first step but there are still more to come. We hope you’ve learned a lot during the BMC and that you will keep these knowledge always in your heart and mind. More than just the fun and adventures, we are all advocates of Nature preservation. Let us altogether explore the wonders of Nature, friendship and at the same time do our small little parts in restoration and spreading awareness on how to take care of our environment

    Please bear in mind that the rules we’ve set within the group are for a reason and for the good of everyone and I expect that we will all abide by it.

    I am glad that you’ve all enjoyed the first part of the training and I hope to see the same enthusiasm for the rest of the training activities!

    Again, Welcome and I’m glad to have you in the group!


  2. joel flores

    batch 8 wala ako? haha!

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