10th Batch Started Rolling

HAKAMS held its Membership Orientation today (18 June 2011) at Starbucks-Robinsons Galeria. HAKAMS was on lay low for a short period. This marks the continuation of fun and adventure within the group. Although most active members are out of the town for a long holiday, they still expressed their support to the organizer. It was a short notice and the date plotted is attached to a long holiday. We cannot blame them for not being able to attend.

Few days before the activities for this year is plotted, members already volunteered to organize future activities. It is lighter to organize and plot activities because of the members’ initiative to help.

Most of the orientation participants do not have mountaineering experience. Truly, it is easier to transfer knowledge to trainees who are newbie to mountaineering.

Few details about HAKAMS were discussed. The orientation was focused on the members’ experience with the group. Stories of love and mountain.

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  1. Stephanie

    hi! im looking for a mountaineering club to join. i still don’t have mountaineering experience but i went hiking and camping before. i love all my outdoor experience and id like to explore the beauty of nature more. i think exploring the mountains and discovering the beauty that lies ahead would be a wonderful experience. ive explored your website and im really interested to join your club. i hope your club is open to everyone. and if it is, how can i join?

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